Linea Camomilla Blu detergenti intimi igiene intima m&d pharmacy

A proper hygiene of intimate areas is essential to safeguard the body's natural defences preventing disorders and irritations. Most of the inflammations regarding the intimate areas, especially the female ones, derive from microorganisms that, in normal conditions, populate the vaginal bacterial flora but which uncontrollably start proliferating in the presence of triggering factors. It is suggested to use a cleanser that respects the physiological pH of intimate areas. The intimate pH value changes according to sex and throughout the life, following different hormonal rhythms: from adolescence to fertility period up to menopause.

In particular situations, the pH of the intimate cleanser is important to fight specific conditions:

ACID pH (3.0 – 4.0)

  • coadjuvant of an antiseptic treatment
  • menstrual period, post-partum, after surgery

ALKALINE pH (6.5 – 8.5)

  • coadjuvant of an antimycotic treatment
  • menopause
  • irritations and intimate itch

Intimate washes of Camomilla BLU have been formulated using a blend of delicate surfactants that effectively cleanse the intimate area limiting dryness, irritation and itching. Therefore they are ideal for dermatological use. Also sold under medical prescriptions, they can be used as coadjuvants during pharmacological treatments to fight specific diseases.