Linea deodoranti Camomilla Blu m&d pharmacy

Sweat is produced by the sweat glands located on the skin surface. The sweat does not have an unpleasant odour immediately after its release: the smell derive from the sweat decomposition, due to the action of bacterial flora, normally present on the skin.

What do Camomilla BLU deodorants contain?

Triethyl citrate
It inhibits the action of bacterial flora on sweat: the bacteria attack triethyl citrate instead of sweat and hydrolyze it to produce ethyl alcohol (with bacteriostatic action) and citric acid (decreasing the pH of the treated area, it prevents the development of short- chain fatty acids, characterized by a typical acrid smell). It has a long-lasting action: its chemical structure allows the release of 3 molecules of citric acid, keeping for long a low pH value (normally it would quickly return to the physiological values).

Zinc lactate
It neither acts on transpiration nor modifies the existing bacterial flora. It reduces unpleasant odours thanks to its chelating action on the smelly chemical compounds, which are thus deactivated, promoting a long-lasting anti-odour effect.

Alume stone  
The potassium alum is a salt with natural origin extracted from mineral alunite (alum stone).

  • Astringent surface effect: it reduces the size of the sudoriparous pores and consequently the release of sweat, without blocking the transpiration
  • Antimicrobical action: it is a natural antimicrobial that inhibits the bacterial growth
  • Regulation of skin pH: the growth of bacteria is favored by a weakly acid or neutral pH. Alum stone lowers the pH to create an environment where bacteria can not develop.