Camomilla Blu

camomilla blu m&d pharmacy

Camomilla BLU is the brand of M&D PHARMACY born to answer the specific needs of sensitive and delicate skin. Camomilla BLU products were born in 2009 as a cosmetic brand for baby care (0-3 years old). Then M&D PHARMACY increased and expanded its products to treat sensitive skin in general, for children and adults. Today camomilla BLU is sold in pharmacies of different countries in the world, where it is also suggested on dermatological advice.

Why camomilla BLU?

M&D PHARMACY selected as main active ingredient of its products Matricaria chamomile (recutita) also known as Common chamomile. It is a simple but widely spread officinal plant, with a pharmacological and herbal old tradition with proven properties. From steam distillation of Chamomile flowers we obtain a very little quantity of a precious blue essential oil, rich in Chamazulene and used since ancient times. M&D PHARMACY chose this essential oil as the symbol of plant activity and as pulsating heart of its cosmetic products.

Chamomile properties

Chamomile flowers are traditionally known for their properties to relax and regulate the physiological sleep rhythm, but actually they contain many functional substances with different pharmacological activities suited to treat inflamed and cracked skin:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Cicatrizing
  • Itching relief
  • Soothing
  • Anti redness
  • Protective

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