M&D PHARMACY proposes 4 different semi-permanent nuances formulated as nourishing conditioners to revitalize your colour in a natural and non-invasive way. The combined shining shampoo revives the hair colour and accentuates the shades.

  • Highlighting conditioner indicated to revitalize, brighten or change hair colour, in a simple, young and dynamic way
  • Easy to use, it can be applied like a common conditioner after washing
  • Soft and creamy texture that leaves the hair nourished, restructured, disentangled and bright the hair by direct colouring
  • It contains no ammonia or hydrogen peroxide: it colours by simple contact
  • It fades away after some washes restoring the original colour, without altering the hair physiological balance
  • Ideal for thin hair and sensitive scalp that tends to redden with chemical products
  • It can be used during pregnancy
  • It can be habitually used after each wash to keep the desired reflection
  • Suitable for both natural and treated hair