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Strengthening anti hair loss treatment


Strengthening and preventive hydroalcoholic lotion made for avoiding hair loss and stimulating its growth. This treatment improves scalp microcirculation thanks to the combination of thermogenic and refreshing elements, that enhance hair elasticity and tissue oxygenation.

DIRECTIONS: Apply on damp hair roots after washing and rub gently. Do not rinse. Proceed with hairdrying. Apply it twice or three times a week for a month. Suitable for hair reinforcing during seasonal hair loss or stress periods. Use two packages consecutively for an intensive treatment.

WARNINGS: This product includes vasodilating elements that may cause warmth feeling and scalp redness. Rinse with fresh water if skin sensitization is excessive. Talk to your doctor if this persists. Avoid eyes contact. Wash your hands after use. Do not use on sensitive or damaged skin. Keep out of children.






OLEANOLIC ACID, derived from olive tree, helps to inhibit the 5-a reductase by reducing dihydrotestosterone, responsible for hairloss.

APIGENIN, a flavonoid derived from lemon, improves microcirculation and thus oxygenation of the hair bulb.

VITAMIN H, combined with an amino acid chain, stimulates cellular metabolism and increases the number of hair in anagen phase, delaying ageing and thus hairloss.

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