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Colour & shine conditioner mahogany


Highlighting conditioner indicated to revitalize, brighten or change hair colour, in a simple, young and dynamic way.

An all-in-one soft and creamy texture, which leaves the hair nourished, restructured, disentangled and bright, highlighted through direct colouring. It contains no ammonia or hydrogen peroxide or p-phenylenediamine: it colours by simple contact without altering the physiological balance of the hair. It is ideal for brittle and thin hair or sensitive scalp that easily turn red with chemicals. It can be used during pregnancy. Easy to use during shower. It fades away after 6 to 8 washes (it depends on: nature and porosity of the hair, sunlight exposure, chlorine contact). Suitable for frequent washing to preserve the colour. Good for both natural and treated hair.

DIRECTIONS: Apply on damp hair after washing, and spread homogeneously a generous amount of product and comb. Leave on for 5-8 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. It is recommended to use plastic gloves if you prefer not to stain your hands, otherwise the residual colour will easily disappear if immediately washed with soap and water. The residual colour on forehead and scalp can be similarly removed.


A very intense red that conveys great vitality to light-brown or red hair. It gives a unique brightness to darker tones

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