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SHAMPOO1 copia

Restructuring multiactive shampoo

Multiactive shampoo suitable for every kind of hair. Its cleansing blend of surfactants is gentle and tolerable for hair and scalp. It removes dirty and excessive grease avoiding irritation and delipidation (generally due to an excessive degreasing action), keeping the natural hydro-lipid balance of skin. Its active elements work in synergy to restructure, strengthen and protect brittle, thin and dry hair. It revitalizes and gives full body all the hair long, and conveys protection from thermic stress (hair dryer and straightener) and external chemical aggression (pollution).
DIRECTIONS: Apply on damp hair, massage and make foam. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. This shampoo is suitable for frequent washing.
KERATIN and low molecular weight WHEAT PROTEIN thicken hair texture and promote external film creation all the way long. Upon use, hair shines bright.
Its amino acids blend includes arginine that repairs hair fibre cuticle, conveying strength and nourishment to the whole structure.

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