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In cosmetics, the term allergen means 26 substances found mainly in fragrances that are often responsible for allergic reactions. (As amended by Decree No. 50 of April 15, 2005 to the Law 713/86, Annex III Part I).


Extract of chamomile essential oil, it is a deep blue liposoluble substance, which acts as a colouring agent in cosmetics. It soothes, relieves, softens and smoothes the skin.



Alpha Bisabolol is one of the constituents of the essential oil obtained from the fresh or dried chamomile flower heads. It is a superb ingredient which softens and soothes irritated skin. Therefore it has been used for hundreds of years in medicinal applications. It has lenitive and anti-reddening properties. It eliminates skin inflammations, having a softening effect – especially helpful for very sensitive skins – with excellent skin tolerability.


Produced without laboratory synthetic dyes.


This product was dermatologically tested at the University of Ferrara



All camomilla blu products contain common chamomile, also known as Matricaria Chamomilla (recutita) or blue chamomile: an herb, with a long medical tradition. The Matricaria Chamomilla flowers contain many different substances with anti-inflammatory, cicatrizant, anti-itch, soothing, anti-reddening and protective activities, very useful for treating irritated or chapped skin.





Products formulated to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.


Nickel is a banned substance in cosmetic products (Annex II, Law 713/86) as an ingredient, but its presence is accepted as technically unavoidable traces for production reasons.M & D Pharmacy nickel content has been tested and found to be below the threshold of what is considered acceptable even for those people susceptible to allergies (1 ppm).


Mineral oils means saturated hydrocarbon compounds are often derived from the distillation of petroleum used as emollients in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, which are among the ingredients on the label under the heading paraffinum liquidum / Mineral Oil or Petrolatum. Their use is only allowed if highly purified as it may contain carcinogenic aromatic compounds and are often subject to debate of the possible comedogenic properties(which create blockages of the pours). For these reasons, M & D Pharmacy has chosen to use alternative safer plants that have an affinity for the skin.


Parabens are synthetic chemical compounds widely used as preservatives in cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries. Recently, these substances are at the heart of debates about their possible toxicity, so M & D Pharmacy has chosen to use an alternative preservative system.


Sodium laurylether sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate are widely used in cosmetics, but often too harsh on the skin that can lead to dehydration and dry skin.M & D Pharmacy has chosen to use only naturally derived surfactants, that delicate to the skin-and low foaming.

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