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Tizia swoosh


is the new cosmetic line created by M&D PHARMACY, specifically formulated to take care of hair by restoring its genuine physiological balance and wellness from roots to tips.


Each product contains a precious vegetal blend of 12 different plants from organic agriculture, that will work in synergy with other active ingredients, specially chosen according to type and function of each product.


makes use of specific and multifunctional products that simultaneously act in different ways, simplifyng the treatment and improving its efficiency


is a vegetal complex obtained through a special enzymatic extraction of 12 plants from organic agriculture.

The synergic action of the extracts gives life to a complete phytocomplex, effective on various diseases related to hair and scalp care. This activity is sebum-controlling, purifying, soothing, itching-calming, restructuring, nourishing, and bulb-and-fiber reinforcing all the hair long. Suited for every kind of hair.

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Two different kinds of treatment cover all the problems related to the hair care:
Restructuring treatment

  • Aimed to brittle and thin hair that tend to break and create split ends
  • Nourishing and volumizing treatment for flat and thin hair
  • Suitable to revitalize and give brightness to dull hair
  • It restores the original softness and texture
  • It helps to protect hair from mechanical and thermic stress caused by styling, straightening, colouring and discolouring
  • Ideal as summer protective treatment against sun stress, frequent washing and sea salt
  • It prevents seasonal and non-seasonal hair loss by reinforcing hair fiber and promoting new growth


Purifying treatment

  • Suited for sensitive scalps that tend to redness, itching and desquamation
  • It prevents dandruff creation and performs an antiseptic activity
  • Its anti-oil effect balances sebum hypersecretion to the hair bulb
  • The gentle cleansing action avoids delipidation on sensitive scalps
  • It enhances the overall oxygenation level by improving the health of the bulb; hair is revitalized and bright

The carachteristic cleansing action of M&D PHARMACY means tollerability and gentleness on scalp and hair. Because of its anti-delipidation mildness, hair washing is effective and suitable for everyday. Its frequent use keeps hair’s physiological balance: we chose a NO SLES low-foaming cleansing blend.

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